Stamina Inline Inversion System

  • Stamina Inline Inversion System
    Stamina Inline Inversion System
    Stamina InLine Inversion System flips the script on back pain and everyday aches. Take a load off. The strain of daily life can really take its toll on your system. Aches, pains, and chronic stress often come about as a result of simply sitting or standing, putting weight on your feet, legs, and skeletal system. Inversion tables help relieve these issues by reducing pressure on spinal discs, ligaments and nerve roots, increasing blood circulation, strengthening your back and elongating your spine. Just a few minutes a day of relieving the pressure of gravity on your vital systems can produce a refreshed feeling of well-being that lasts all day. Here's why the InLine Inversion System is the right call: Converts from a chair to a flat table as you invert, so getting on is as easy as sitting in a chair Foam-padded ankle support for added comfort while inverted Padded handlebars for easier inversion and easier return Nylon tether strap to control inversion Leg support adjustment to fit different thigh lengths Ski
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