Rieadco 2-pack Replacement Batteries

  • Rieadco 2-pack Replacement Batteries
    Rieadco 2-pack Replacement Batteries
    Freshwater Fishing
    Terminal Tackle
    Rieadco Night Bobby Bobbers light your way to a better fishing trip. The Night Bobby is loaded with all the features you want and need. Take a look. Made of high-impact polycarbonate Two A-76 1.5 volt batteries are included Shock-resistant, light emitting diode, never needs replacement The improved Patented line lock provides for better line grip Visibility up to 200 feet New light diffusion pattern for better visibility Lighted float can be used for marking trot lines Float can be removed without cutting line, removing bait, hook or sinker Allows line to slip freely when used as slip floater Locks line securely when used as fixed float Use for night and day fishing. Our Bargain Outfitters price will light up your eyes. Order ONLINE Now. Stock No.Model No.SizeColor 63552158R1 5/8"Red 63553158Y1 5/8"Yellow 63554214R2 1/4" roundRed 63555214Y2 1/4" roundYellow 63556NL118R1 7/8"Red 63557NL118Y1 7/8"Yellow 635582-Pk. Replacement BatteriesA-76 (1.5V)--
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