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Kolpin Bow Boot Bracket

  • Kolpin Bow Boot Bracket
    Kolpin Bow Boot Bracket
    Gun Bow Rack
    Kolpin Bow Boot delivers serious hard - knock protection. Top-notch protection for the rough ride ahead. Kolpin 's Gun Boot is one of the most popular hard cases in the world, and for good reason: it's built like a tank. Now, Kolpin puts that recipe to use for bow hunters. The Bow Boot accommodates left or right-handed bows up to 42 x 7 3/4 x 14 1/2" l., delivering superb safeguarding for the bumpy trail. It's padlock-able, airline-approved, and comes in your choice of 2 styles: Impact, which includes a shock-absorbing foam layer; or Transport that includes a removable soft-side case that fits inside the Bow Boot, for top-of-the-line protection. Add the Bracket for easy attachment to tubular racks. Order yours ONLINE today. Kolpin Bow Boot Impact Includes a removable, shock-absorbing foam and nylon Impact liner that provides superior interior protection. Kolpin Bow Boot Transport Includes a separate soft bow case that fits within the hard cast for exceptional extra protection. A must-have for rough riders. K
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