2 Half Pound Ovaeasy No.10 Can

  • 2 Half Pound Ovaeasy No.10 Can
    2 Half Pound Ovaeasy No.10 Can
    OvaEasy Eggs for eggs on the road, trail, anywhere. Shelf - stable and delicious, here FOR LESS. No refrigeration required. OvaEasy Eggs are a great way to spiff up your meals far from home. Just add cold water to the egg mixture, stir and cook. Pure all-natural egg ingredients, no preservatives or chemicals Substitute for eggs in any recipe USDA inspected, certified and pasteurized. Note: sorry, no returns unless truly defective. Order ONLINE Now. 3 Packets of OvaEasy Dozen Eggs Each 4 1/2 -oz. packet makes the equivalent of 1 dozen eggs. 2.5-year shelf life 2 1/2-lb. OvaEasy #10 CanCan makes the equivalent of 106 eggs. 7-year shelf life. WARNING: These items cannot be shipped to Canada. Please check your State, County and City laws for restrictions before ordering these products.
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