Body Solid Powerline Smith Machine

  • Body Solid Powerline Smith Machine
    Body Solid Powerline Smith Machine
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    Body Solid Powerline Smith Machine is the ultimate in workout safety. When you use the Smith Machine, you'll have the free weight feel combined with the strongest, safest spotter you can find... "Mr. Smith". This machine uses four 2" x 2" 12-gauge steel pillars to support and guide the frictionless Super Glide carriage when you're busting out the most intense reps. The 14 lockout positions allow you to perform a variety of exercises with the same protection from the unknown - injury or otherwise. Details: The safety spotter catch system prevents the bar from pinning hte user in a max-out situation by simpy turning the pivot sleeve only 15 Heavy-duty adjustable safeties equip you for the unexpected Engineered to direct the weight bar smoothly into the safety spotter catches-operates independently from the main cross bar and locks into place with a quick turn of the wrist Weighs 168 lbs. Dimensions: 77" x 45" x 81". You've never had a spotter this interested in your safety... order ONLINE today. Please Note: Th
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