Body Solid Calf Squat Block

  • Body Solid Calf Squat Block
    Body Solid Calf Squat Block
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    Body Solid Calf Squat Block aids you in doing your all - important squats. Sometimes the weight gets pretty heavy when you're doing squats, and the worst thing that could happen is mishandling a bar because of slippery or old flooring. The non-slip, textured surface this Squat Block offers can ensure that you'll be balanced and safe when working out. And it's made from solid steel, so you know durability won't be an issue. Do some calf raises too... just step right on to the Block and enjoy the full range of motion. Safety first: Use up to 2,000 lbs. of weight on the Block 6 1/2" incline forces reminds you to stay off your heels while performing squats Weighs 36 lbs. Dimensions: 6" x 7" x 6 1/2". There's no use in doing the exercise if you're not doing it safely and with the right form. Order this Squat Block ONLINE Now. Please Note: This item is shipped directly from the factory. To see the expected shipping date, please add it to your Shopping Cart. Sorry, no express shipping available. We are unable to shi
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