Apex Power Tower With Flip It Arms

  • Apex Power Tower With Flip It Arms
    Apex Power Tower With Flip It Arms
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    Apex Power Tower with Flip - It Arms uses your body weight as resistance to build and tone muscle. Push, pull and lift your own body weight on this Power Tower from Apex... you'll do dips, chin-us, push-ups, leg lifts and much more. Once you've mastered all the available exercises, add a weight belt to increase the resistance. Features flip-up "dip" handles to offer unobstructed access to the chin-up bars. Durable powder-coat finish on 2 x 2 3/4" rectangular, 14-gauge steel frame construction Triangular base frame construction allows you to neatly place the Tower in the corner of a room Chine up bar design with multiple hand positions for varying grip placement Ergonomically-angled VKR pads reduce stress tothe shoulder's rotator cuffs while better securing forearms against the pads Angled frame design secures upper torso against the back pad and eliminates the body sway while performing knee and leg raises Ankle pads secure body for sit up and abdominal crunch exercises Comes with manufacturer's 2-year limit
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